Hikari® Goldfish Gold® Specialists' Fish Food, 10.5 Ounces


SKU: HIK02131

Hikari® Goldfish Gold® Baby Pellet is specially formulated to bring out vibrant colors in goldfish and baby Koi. Rich in carotene, an easily assimilated color enhancer, Goldfish Gold® provides the carefully balanced nutrients and vitamins needed during a fish's first year.
  • Floating pellet helps eliminate over-feeding and reduce water quality problems
  • Contains stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health
  • High-grade carotenoids promote natural, brilliant colors in fish
  • Floating sticks will not cloud the water
Feeding Instructions
When temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, feed 2-4 times daily the amount your fish will consume in a few minutes. High temperatures cause more activity, which require more food.

Baby pellet size, 10.5oz bag

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