Hikari® Silkworm Selects Natural Growth Booster, 17.6 Ounces


SKU: HIK07642

Hikari® Silkworm Selects is a daily diet growth booster offering heightened lipid and protein levels with more than 50% natural silkworm pupae. A natural flavor and taste Koi love!

Centuries of History
For centuries, Japan's finest Koi breeders have used silkworms to help Koi rapidly bulk up. Although naturally high in lipids and fatty acids, silkworms have been difficult to keep from oxidizing. Hikari has developed a proprietary process that not only reduces oxidation but also allows high levels of silkworm. Now your Koi can experience benefits of the traditional Japanese grower in a safe and beneficial treat!

  • Offers your Koi the benefits of silkworm without the negative impacts of other silkworm-type products
  • Supplemental food rich in natural lipids and proteins for superior growth and "true Koi" confirmation
  • A uniquely balanced treat for Koi that adds weight while improving sheen and luster

Feeding Suggestions
Above 20°C (68°F), feed 2-4 times daily with a mixture of Hikari Koi diets comprised of 20-40% Silkworm Selects. Below 20°C (68°F), use Silkworm Selects as a treat comprising no more than 10% of total diet. For colder temperatures, use Hikari Wheat-Germ.

Pellet Size
6.5 - 7.5 mm

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