Accessories for Hybrid and Poly Lighthouses

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The following accessories/replacements are made to fit the hybrid and poly lighthouses, as well as 8-sided wooden lighthouses:

25 Watt Light with 8' Cord
This is a replacement for the light that comes standard with these lighthouses.

Revolving Beacon Light
The revolving beacon light turns what was already a beautiful, functional lawn ornament into a truly remarkable feature. Like the real lighthouses that have stood for centuries protecting ships from running aground, lighthouses equipped with this beacon will exhibit a strobing effect (casing rotates at 36rpm around stationary light) and give a true maritime feel. This light is sold in either Halogen or LED. The halogen verson of the revolving beacon light comes with a 4W two-pronged halogen bulb. An LED version uses less wattage.

XL Rotating Beacon Light
This bright light can be seen from a mile away! The XL Rotating Beacon Light rotates at 13rpm inside the lighthouse like a real-life lighthouse. This makes it perfect for a boat dock or a remote location. Available in LED or 35W halogen. Note: This option should not be chosen if you have close neighbors and must not be located beside a public road where it affects drivers. This light itself is 9" in diameter and 9" high but it also has a 3" mounting flange which brings the light to an overall height of 12".   

Solar-Powered LED Light with Rotating Feature
This light gives the same remarkable effect of either a standard or revolving light with no power usage! LEDs are configured in a circular pattern for two setting options: solid lighting or a strobing effect (LEDs turn on and off to imitate revolving motion). Comes with dusk-to-dawn sensor.

Solar-Powered LED Light with Extra Large Solar Panel
This light uses a larger solar panel with longer power cord to emit a brighter light compared to the Rotating Solar Light, just without the simulated rotating feature. Comes with dusk-to-dawn sensor.

Dusk to Dawn Sensor
This sensor lets you save energy on your lighthouse while maintaining a vivid presence. Turning on at dusk and turning off at dawn, this sensor will allow the lighthouse to shine at its best without wasting energy during the day.

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