Demeter Stainless Steel LED In-Ground Luminaire by Illumicare


SKU: LL10346

Stainless Steel Luminaires by Illumicare Group Limited
Marine Grade Stainless Steel lights provides the perfect blend of stylish, sleek design and a semi-industrial look, making it the perfect accent for contemporary designs. Due to the high durability metal's corrosion and deterioration resistance, it does not discolor, rust or fade away. These luminaires are perfect for architectural applications, offering a complete solution for exterior lighting applications.

Demeter In-Ground Light
The Demeter in-ground luminaire comes with an 88mm low-profile flange, a recessed body, and a louvered cover. This luminaire is suitable for in-ground turf installations or recessed in wood or masonry projects. This light can be installed with or without the included PVC sleeve. Lamp not included.

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