Illumicare Replacement MR16 LED Lamps


SKU: LA10277

LED lamps use up to 85% less energy than traditional lamps and last roughly 15 times longer, using less energy for the same light output!

Illumicare’s fully-stepped LED IC driver and unique thermal engineering ensures the lamps operate at temperatures below the LED heat specifications, even when sealed inside weatherproof fixtures. By removing the electrolytic capacitor and completely encapsulating the IC chip in thermal epoxy, they’ve designed outdoor-rated LED lamps that produce up to 40% less heat in airtight fixtures and more than doubled the chip’s life expectancy.

The MR16 LED features replaceable optics for three different beam spreads. Simply use the supplied tool to remove the face of the lamp and replace the installed optic with your choice of 15, 30 or 45 degrees.
  • Solid state components
  • Fully-stepped IC driver
  • Encapsulated driver with unique thermal control
  • Over-current & reversed polarity protections

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