Wally LED Brass Flood Light by Illumicare


SKU: LL10324

Solid Brass Fixtures by Illumicare Group Limited
These fixtures are constructed of the highest quality red brass with an acid finish, giving the surface a weathered appearance. They naturally blend into the landscape, while offering installed lamps optimal protection against continuous moisture and soil exposure. Lamps, surface mounts and other accessories are sold separately.

Brilliant Color/Texture Solid machined brass creates unrivaled aesthetic beauty
Low Maintenance Can be restored even after years of neglect
Corrosion Resistant Oxidation creates a patina that protects it from corrosion
Weather Resistant Self-healing qualities that hide superficial scratches
Temperature Tolerant Won't soften in high or crack in low temperatures

Wally Flood Light

The Wally fixture creates a wide wall wash, ideal for illuminating walls and large vertical surfaces. It can be used for backlighting, silhouetting, and shadowing effects. Lamp not included.

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