Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filters (Formerly K1 Micro Bead & K+ Pressure Filters)

Evolution Aqua

SKU: K+PF3000

NOTE: some photos still show the K1 Microbead media but all filters have been changed over to the K+ media.   

The K Plus Advanced Filters (formerly K1 Micro Bead filters) are a game-changing filtration system that completely re-invents the bead filter. It is designed to allow the unrestricted flow of water through the unit, meaning that a lower wattage pump can be used, which can save you money. The K1 and K+ filters use a blower to save water and clean more thoroughly during backwashing. Now the new K+ media is re-engineered to offer excellent mechanical filtration and tremendous biological performance. All models feature a clear 10" viewing dome for easy inspection.

K+ Biological Media
Rather than using conventional beads as its principle filter media, Evolution Aqua uses K+ media. This provides better biological and mechanical filtration since the K+ media has a vast surface area. This protected surface area safely houses beneficial bacteria and prevents them from being flushed to waste during the cleaning cycle. Only dead bacteria and waste debris will be discharged. This prevents ammonia and nitrite spikes after maintenance.

How the K+ Filter Works
Water is pumped into the filter from the pond, through a multi-port valve where the internal pipework directs the water to the bottom of the unit. As the water flows upward, dirt and debris is trapped within the mass of K+ filter media. The K+ media (which provides a beneficial bacteria) delivers biological filtration. The filtered water flow back into the pipework at the top of the unit, through the multi-port valve and back down the return line into the pond. The filter is incredibly easy to clean, by simply moving the handle on the multi-port valve into the corresponding positions to perform a backwash and rinse of the K+ media.

Note: The more slowly water is pushed through any filter, the higher the debris retention will be. You will get better water quality results the closer your flow rate is to the lower end of of the listed acceptable flow rates. While we at Practical Garden Ponds like to see a good flowrate for aeration and movement, the experts at Evolution Aqua like to see slower movement through their filtration equipment. We invite you to find the balance within the given ranges that works for your pond!

Using a pump producing pressure greater than 22 PSI (which is not intended for use with pond equipment) will void the warranty and possibly damage equipment.

Model Body Diameter Included
K+ Media


Flow Rates
Pond Size
K+3000 /
16" 30L
1.5" 400W 1200-
1500 gph
K+4800 /
20" 50L 1600-
2400 gph
K+9600 /
24" 100L 2" 3200-
4800 gph
K+14000 /
30" 150L 700W 4800-
6000 gph
K+24000 /
36" 250L 6000-

The K+PF14000 and the K+PF24000 ship by truck freight, which requires that you be present at time of delivery. Freight company will also need good phone number to call to schedule an appointment

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