Kasco® Universal Waterglow RGB LED Lighting Kits for Non-Kasco Brand Fountains

Kasco Marine

SKU: RGB4C5-050

Built to order, 2-3 business days production time

Kasco® Waterglow RGB LED Lighting is the ultimate decorative and/or event lighting for even non-Kasco brand fountains! With the capacity to create 9 different colors, this remote control operated unit also allows the user to adjust brightness levels, has three sequencing patterns, and can be coupled with any music playing device that supports a 3.5mm Y connector (not included with unit). This affords the user the ability to set the RGB light sequencing to the rhythm of the music!

  • Leak-Free Construction: Single-piece composite housing and a secure weld
  • 9 Total Colors: White, warm white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, cyan, and magenta
  • Brightness Levels: Each static color can be adjusted to 100%, 50%, 25%, 12% and 6%
  • 3 Automatic Sequencing Modes: Flash, Bloom, and smooth transition
  • Rhythmic Sequencing: Music input on controller allows colors to change to rhythm
Cord Length Number of Fixtures
RGB4C5-050 50' 4
RGB4C5-100 100' 4
RGB4C5-150 150' 4
RGB4C5-200 200' 4
RGB4C5-250 250' 4
RGB4C5-300 300' 4

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