Kasco® 2400CF and 2400CUD 1/2 HP Circulators/Mixers

Kasco Marine

SKU: 2400CF-25

Built to order, currently 2-3 weeks production time

Kasco® Circulators/Mixers solve many seasonal problems and greatly improve the health and vitality of your pond! During summer, they agitate the water and eliminate stagnant areas where algae or unwanted aquatic plants grow and mosquitoes breed. In the spring and fall, they reduce thermal stratification in deeper bodies of water, limiting the negative effects of pond turnover. During winter, they keep areas of water open (free of ice) to prevent fish kills and to protect permanent structures from ice damage. Kasco® Circulators/Mixers are also used in a variety of industrial and municipal applications including tank mixing, water towers and waste water facilities.

  • Heavy-duty motor and corrosion resistant design suitable for saltwater
  • High-efficiency design means low power consumption and low cost
  • Ideal for ponds of up to 1 acre (average depth of 6')
  • Includes easily replaced protective sacrificial zinc anode
  • Includes mooring lines (Float Models) and SJTOW underwater power cords
  • ETL Listed to UL and CSA safety standards
  • 2 Year Warranty
2400CF Circulators/Mixers come with float and mooring lines.
2400CUD Circulators/Mixers come with dock mount (no mooring lines).

Volts Phase Amps Thrust Optimal
2400CF025 / 2400CUD025 25' 120 1 5 26lb 4'-18'
2400CF050 / 2400CUD050 50' 120 1 5 26lb 4'-18'
2400CF100 / 2400CUD100 100' 120 1 5 26lb 4'-18'
2400CF150 / 2400CUD150 150' 120 1 5 26lb 4'-18'
2400CF200 / 2400CUD200 200' 120 1 5 26lb 4'-18'

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