Kasco® AquatiClear 1/2 HP Circulators, 2400CFM and 2400CDM

Kasco Marine

SKU: 2400CFM025

Built to order, currently 3 business days production time

Kasco® AquatiClear circulators solve many seasonal problems and greatly improve the health and vitality of your pond! During summer, they agitate the water and eliminate stagnant areas. In the spring and fall, they reduce thermal stratification in deeper bodies of water. During winter, they keep areas of water open (free of ice) to support fish health and to protect permanent structures from ice damage.

Clean Current Technology
Features a brand-new composite prop guard with smooth, rounded tines to ensure maintenance-free continuous operation. This unique design allows floating debris to slip off the guard rather than wrapping around the motor shaft or prop!

  • Clog-resistant circulator for continuous water movement
  • Stainless steel hardware is protected by a sacrificial anode
  • Includes motor unit, power cord, and mounting options
  • ETL Listed to UL and CSA safety standards
  • 2 Year Warranty
2400CFM (Horizontal Float) models come with float and mooring lines.
2400CDM (Universal Mount) models come with mount (no mooring lines needed).

Volts Phase Amps Thrust
2400CFM025 / 2400CDM025 1/2 HP 25' 120 1 5.4
2400CFM050 / 2400CDM050 1/2 HP 50' 120 1 5.4 30lb
2400CFM100 / 2400CDM100 1/2 HP 100' 120 1 5.4 30lb
2400CFM150 / 2400CDM150 1/2 HP 150' 120 1 5.4 30lb
2400CFM200 / 2400CDM200 1/2 HP 200' 120 1 5.4 30lb

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