Kasco® Macro-Zyme™ Beneficial Bacteria, 6 Pound Block

Kasco Marine


Used by professionals since 1991, Kasco® Macro-Zyme™ Beneficial Bacteria was one of the original water treatments that utilize natural bacteria and enzymes to control and eliminate sludge and foul odors in tanks, ponds and lakes. When introduced into the water, Macro-Zyme™ quickly releases billions of of facultative anaerobic bacteria (beneficial bacteria) & enzymes that work around the clock to clean, neutralize and purify your pond by consuming organic material in your pond or lake. Blocks are perfect for slow release treatment for up to a month per block. For powder or pucks, see our other listings.

  • Rapidly remove dead grass, leaves, paper, fish waste, and organic sludge
  • Clear water and help restore a healthy oxygen level
Usage Notes
If there is a UV Sterilizer in the pond, turn it off for at least 48 hours after application. Works most effectively with the use of an aeration device (e.g. Kasco™ Aerating Fountains or Aerators).

Optimal Conditions
Effective pH range is 5.5 – 8.5 (Optimum is around 7.5). Minimum dissolved oxygen level required is 2.0 ppm. Copper levels must be below 0.05 ppm.
Description Treatment Area Reapplication
MZMB5 6lb Block Up to 6 acre-feet (2,000,000 gal.) Every 30 days

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