Kasco® Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration Systems with Base Cabinet

Kasco Marine


Built to order, 5-7 business days production time

These Kasco® Robust-Aire™ Aeration Systems come with basic cabinet. See additional listings for post-mount or no-cabinet options.

Kasco® Robust-Aire™ Aeration Systems are available as complete packages from one to six diffuser heads and come complete with everything you need, including all connectors and adapter fittings.  Installation is quick and easy with exclusive Kasco® SureSink™ weighted airline, which simply sinks in place without separate weighting or anchoring.

  • No floating equipment near surface and no electrical components in the water
  • Low maintenance rocking-piston compressors built for continuous operation
  • Compressors are ETL Listed to UL and CSA safety standards
  • Aluminum air manifolds feature valves for adjusting airflow to each diffuser
  • 2 Year Warranty
System Maximum
Pond Size
Compressor SureSink™
3/8" Tubing
RA1 1.5 surface acres 1/4HP 100' 1 50'
RA2 3 surface acres 1/4HP 200' 2 50'
RA3 1.5 surface acres 1/2HP 300' 3 50'
RA4 8 surface acres (2x) 1/4HP 400' 4 50'
RA5 10 surface acres 1/4HP & 1/2HP 500' 5 50'
RA6 11 surface acres (2x) 1/2HP 600' 6 50'

Remote Manifold (RM Option)
Robust-Aire™ systems are available with an optional remote manifold which allows you to install the compressor up to a mile away from the water's edge! The remote manifold allows you to adjust airflow to each individual diffuser head near the pond rather than at the compressor location. Get the balance of airflow and performance you need! Simply run PVC pipe from the compressor to the remote manifold located near the edge of the lake or pond.

Oversize Compressor Choices (DP and XL Options)
The Robust-Aire™ systems all come with Teich-Aire compressors, but for heavier duty applications, two larger sizes are available: DP and XL.

System Standard DP XL
Flow per
Flow per
Flow per
RA1 2.5/1.25 3.2CFM - - - -
RA2 2.5/1.25 1.6CFM 3.5/1.75 2.4CFM - -
RA3 3.5/1.75 1.6CFM - - - -
RA4 5.0/2.5 1.6CFM 7.0/3.5 2.4CFM 12.3/6.2 3.4CFM
RA5* 6.0/3.0 1.6CFM 7.0/3.5 1.9CFM 12.3/6.2 2.7CFM
RA6 7.0/3.5 1.6CFM - - 12.3/6.2 2.3CFM
*RA5 systems use different sized compressors, so two diffusers operate at one flowrate, while three diffusers run at another.

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