Kasco® VFX Series Fountains Replacement Parts

Kasco Marine

SKU: 216002-1

The following parts are available by special order:

  • Cord O-Ring for 2400VFX, 3400VFX, 4400VFX, 8400VFX (#990275)
  • Black Top Plug for 2400VFX, 3400VFX, 4400VFX, 8400VFX, 5.1VFX (#990280)
  • Top Plug O-Ring for VFX, JF, xStream Fountains; AF, CF aerators (#990281)
  • Large O-Ring for Top on 2400VFX, 3400VFX, 4400VFX, 8400VFX (#990300)
  • 1/2" Mechanical Seal for 2400VFX, 3400VFX, and some 4400VFX (#990500)
  • 5/8" Mechanical Seal for some 4400VFX and 8400VFX (#840500)
  • Motor ONLY Kit 1 PH, 120V, 60hz, Emerson - see photo (416003-1)
  • 4400R Base Motor unit with stub cord (4400R000)
  • 4400VX Fountain with stub cord (4400VX000)  
  • Prop with Jam Nut (440600K)

To order these or other specialty parts, please contact us.

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