GC Tek WattMizer Filtration Systems

Grand Champion Technologies

SKU: WattMizer2.5K AB

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Previously called the KoiKeeper, the GCTek WattMizer Filtraion Systems are very similar to the PLUS systems -- they contain a filter, pump and UV clarifier on one pre-plumbed system -- but it offers fewer variations and a smaller footprint to keep the prices lower. WattMizer include:

  • AlphaONE or AquaBead filter
  • Artesian2 Pump
  • Zapp Pure UV clarifier
​This package is perfect for people who need a good and reliable filtration system but want to keep costs to a minimum.

Model Pond Size Filter Pump UV Clarifier
WattMizer2.5K 2,500 gallons AlphaONE 1.75 /
AquaBead 1.75
1/4HP Pump
Zapp Pure
40 Watt
WattMizer5K 5,000 gallons AlphaONE 2.50 /
AquaBead 2.50
1/3HP Pump
Zapp Pure
40 Watt
WattMizer10K 10,000 gallons AlphaONE 4.25 /
AquaBead 4.25
1/2HP Pump
Zapp Pure
80 Watt

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