KwikCut PVC Rope Saw and PVC Hand Saw

Dawn Industries

SKU: IT04036

KwikCut tools are excellent for cutting a variety of materials, from plastic and wood to PVC or ABS pipe. Choosing the right tool is the most important thing when starting a job.

KwikCut PVC Rope Saw
The Rope Saw will cut plastic, wood, rubber and more in places where you can't reach with a larger saw. It cuts in any direction, so it's perfect for those tight space where you can barely reach -- and where you certainly can't fit a straight saw. Comfort grips allow you to use your hands instead of just your fingers. Carry it in your toolbox, so that you always have a saw for hard-to-reach places.

KwikCut PVC Hand Saw
The Hand Saw is for cutting large PVC or ABS pipe. No other saw does it faster or straighter than this KwikCut PVC Hand Saw. Carry it in your toolbox if you frequently deal with 2" or larger PVC.

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