Laguna Clear-Flo Complete Pump, Filter and UV Kits


SKU: PT1741

Laguna Clear-Flo Kits consists of the industry-leading Max-Flo Solids Handling Waterfall & Filter Pump and a Pressure-Flo Pressurized Pond Filter System, a powerful water gardening duo that ensures continuous and efficient water circulation and stunning water clarity. Covered by 3 Year Warranty.

Max-Flo Pump Features

  • Powerful European-engineered magnetic-driven motors
  •  Energy-efficient with few moving parts
  • Unique strainer cage protects the impeller and maintains constant water flow

Pressure-Flo Filter Features

  • Mechanical filtration, biological filtration and UV clarifier combined into one unit
  • Cleaning indicator that takes the guess work out of maintenance intervals
  • Patented filter backwash system enables routine cleaning in seconds
  • Includes foam and click-fit connectors
  • Easy to install & maintain
SKU Description Filter Pump UV Size 
PT1741 Clear-Flo 1000 Kit  Pressure-Flo 1000 Max-Flo 600 13W
PT1742 Clear-Flo 2000 Kit  Pressure-Flo 2000 Max-Flo 960 13W
PT1743 Clear-Flo 3000 Kit  Pressure-Flo 3000 Max-Flo 2000 24W
PT1744 Clear-Flo 4000 Kit  Pressure-Flo 4000 Max-Flo 2400 36W

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