Laguna Pressure-Flo High Performance Pond Filter


SKU: PT1725

Laguna Pressure-Flo High Performance Filters are the heart that will keep your pond beautiful all season long. They are simple to install in or above ground, and are easy to maintain and clean.

How Does it Work?
With the filter connected to a pump, water enters the unit through a water inlet. It passes through mechanical filtration stage (highly durable foam filters that trap dirt and debris) and UV clarification. Backwash cleaning can be done in just a few minutes -- without even opening the lid! This keeps the filter at optimum performance and reduces need for maintenance. An easy-to-view cleaning indicator signals when it's time to perform backwash cleaning.

New and Improved
Design improvements and changes were made to increase the functionality and efficiency of the Pressure-Flo filters over previous models.

  • Mechanical filter pads now 10X stronger for better shape and performance
  • New Bio-Lava rock media provides greater surface area for beneficial bacteria
  • Ergonomically designed cleaning handles with re-inforced brush connections
  • Larger, more powerful bulbs improve UV functionality
  • Strengthened and re-designed filter handles and diverter valve
  • Improved UVC head design simplifies yearly bulb maintenance
  • Improved cleaning indicator system
  • 16' Power Cord
Model Max
Pond Size
Max Flow Rate
(Sun, High Load)
Max Flow Rate
(Shade, Low Load)
PT1725 Pressure-Flo 1000 1000gal 475gph 1000gph
PT1726 Pressure-Flo 2000 2000gal 1000gph 2000gph
PT1727 Pressure-Flo 3000 3000gal 1500gph 3000gph
PT1728 Pressure-Flo 4000 4000gal 2000gph 4000gph

Model Canister
Dimensions Foam Bio-Lava
PT1725 Pressure-Flo 1000 2.6 gallons 13 11.2" Dia
x 13.7" H
3pcs None
PT1726 Pressure-Flo 2000 4.6 gallons 13 11.2" Dia
x 20" H
4pcs 3.52lb
PT1727 Pressure-Flo 3000 8.2 gallons 24 14.3" Dia
x 20.6" H
4pcs 7.05lb
PT1728 Pressure-Flo 4000 10.6 gallons 36 14.3" Dia
x 25.2" H

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