Premium 1/8" Mesh Leaf Netting



It is common to use pond netting to repel fish-eating predators (such as herons or cranes) and to keep ponds free of leaves and debris. This premium leaf netting is a high-quality 1/8" mesh netting, available in sizes from 4' x 20' to 30' x 30'. Please note that sizes are after net is stretched tight over the pond. Before stretching, sizes may be a couple inches less than the named dimensions.
  • Can be secured by rocks, stakes or bungees (none included)
  • Edges have 1.5" wide reinforced backing
  • 3/8" brass grommets are spaced every 2' around the border
It is also possible to use a large beach ball or other floating object to create a tenting affect to further aid leaves blowing off of the cover instead of collecting on the cover.

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