Microbe-Lift® Legacy Growth & Energy Fish Food with Color Enhancers



Microbe-Lift® Legacy High Growth & Energy Fish Food is perfect for promoting maximum growth in Koi and goldfish. Use in the late spring when fish need a boost of protein for growth, or use in the early fall to provide extra protein needed to bulk up for winter. High Growth & Energy Food contains stabilized Vitamin C to help promote proper tissue development and color enhancers for brilliant coloring. Will not cloud water under normal use.

Pellet Size: 3-5mm
Feeding Instructions
High Growth & Energy should be fed at a minimum water temperature of 68°F (20°C). Feed between 2-3% of fishes' body weight per day (can be spread out between as many as four feedings). Feed 3 days per week.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (Min). 40%
Crude Fat (Min.) 7%
Crude Fiber (Max.) 4%
Moisture (Max.) 8%
Ash (Max.) 8%
Phosphorus (Min.) 1.3%
Copper (Min.) 0.0007%
Ethoxyquin (Preservative) 0.015%

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