Lifegard Aquatics Bio-Mate® Refillable Biological Filter Media Balls

Lifegard Aquatics

SKU: R440300

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Lifegard Aquatics Bio-Mate® Refillable Biological Filter Media Balls provides maximum surface area with the greatest possible mix of air and water. Cultivates nitrifying bacteria and promotes gas exchange, increasing dissolved oxygen level and removing harmful gases. These media balls will not clog with organic matter.
  • Made of high grade thermoplastic, inert and non-leaching
  • Use in any aquarium or pond filter to increase performance
  • Higher surface area for increased biological activity
  • Porous media ball for increased aeration
  • Can be used individually or mixed in filter chamber
SKU UPC Code Description Use
R440300 788379506506 Solid 1" — 225 pcs/box Aerate, Biological
R440302 788379506520 Solid 1" — 9000 pcs/bulk
R440301 788379506513 Solid 1.5" — 75 pcs/box
R440303 788379506537 Solid 1.5" — 3000 pcs/bulk
R440304 788379506544 Carbon 1.5" — 75 pcs/box Purify, Aerate, Biological
R440308 788379506582 Foam 1.5" — 75 pcs/box Clean, Aerate, Biological
R440312 788379506629 Ceramic 1.5" — 75 pcs/box Aerate, Biological

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