Lifegard Aquatics Preset Quartz Glass Aquarium Heaters

Lifegard Aquatics

SKU: R800108

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Safe temperature zones are essential to tropical fish. While temperate fish like goldfish can survive in the wide range of household temperatures, fish from tropical climates require warmer temperatures. Lifegard Aquatics Preset Quartz Glass Aquarium Heaters allow you to heat aquariums to a healthy 78°F, with no temperature adjustment needed after installation.

  • Submersible and shatterproof
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater tanks
  • LED Power Indicator light shows proper operation
  • Includes quartz glass tube, 6' cord and suction cup mounting brackets
  • UL Listed with thermal protection
Heater Size Recommended
Tank Size
Voltage Amps Length
R800108 25 Watts Up to 10 gallons 120V/60Hz 0.21 5.11"
R800109 50 Watts 10-20 gallons 120V/60Hz 0.42 5.11"
R800110 100 Watts 30-45 gallons 120V/60Hz 0.83 5.90"
R800111 200 Watts 65-85 gallons 120V/60Hz 1.67 8.66"

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