Lifegard Aquatics Chemical Filter Modules

Lifegard Aquatics

SKU: R179310

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Lifegard Aquatics Chemical Filter Modules provide excellent chemical filtration for aquariums, whether using pelletized carbon, Zeolite, Ion Exchange Resins or other biological media. It can be used as a biological chamber if filled with biological filter media, to provide surface area for beneficial bacterial growth.
  • More than one module can be plumbed together
  • Design ensures 100% flow-through prevents channeling
  • Removable chamber allows easy media replacement and pre-rinsing
  • Carbon can be easily pre-rinsed while inside chamber
  • Automatically vents air out of the unit
  • Highest quality PVC molded parts
Model Size Capacity Aquarium Size* Inlet/Outlet Height
R179310 AF-93 Individual 7.3oz 100 Gallons 3/4" FPT
1" FPT
R179320 AF-93-19 Double 15.6oz 200 Gallons 23.75"
R179330 AF-93-29 Triple 24.4oz 300 Gallons 33.5"

*Recommended aquarium sizes are approximate. In many cases, modules can be used with great success in higher volume applications

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