Lifegard Aquatics CustomFlo® Water Systems

Lifegard Aquatics

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The Lifegard Aquatics CustomFlo® Water System can be assembled in multiple different ways to create desired flow patterns. For use in large or small aquariums, or to upgrade your existing system. Easy to assemble, with no holes to drill!

The Complete CustomFlo® Kit contains control valves, spray bars, suction cups, adapters, hydro jet, ball socket assembly and all necessary fittings.
The Starter CustomFlo® Kit is an introductory kit of 16 items enabling you to experiment with various flow patterns.

Highlights of CustomFlo® Water Systems
  • Over Wall Assembly swivels to allow close tank wall positioning, with suction cups fasten to inside and outside for secure fit
  • Hydro Jet allows mixture of air with water, and includes suction cup adapter to attach airline tubing to tank wall
  • Suction Starter cap opens for easy priming of suction line
  • Slider & Suction Cup swivels to allow close tank wall positioning
  • Spray or Solid Pipe can be used above or below water, for suction or return
  • Control valve rotates and locks in desired position to control water flow
Part No. Item Description Purchase Quantity
R440031 Complete CustomFlo® Kit 1
R440035 Starter CustomFlo® Kit 1
R440047 Over/Wall Assembly 1
R440048 Valve Assembly 1
R440049 Hydro Jet 1
R440050 Ball/Socket Assembly 1
R440060 Female Adapter 2
R440061 Small Pipe with Holes 2
R440062 Small Pipe without Holes 2
R440063 Large Pipe 2
R440064 Coupling 2
R440065 Pipe/Hose Adapter 2
R440066 Coupling Bracket with Suction Cup 2
R440067 Elbow Bracket with Suction Cup 2
R440068 Tee Bracket with Suction Cup 2
R440069 Male Adapter 2
R440070 Slider with Bracket and Suction Cup 2
R440071 Cap 2
R440072 Airline Bracket with Suction Cup 2
R440073 Pipe Bracket with Suction Cup 2
R440074 Screen Adapter 2
R440075 Pipe Elbow 2
R440076 Pipe Cap with Suction Cup 2
R440077 Small Suction Cup 2
R440078 Large Suction Cup 2
R440079 Suction Screen 2
R440080 O-Ring 2
R270247 11/16" ID x 6" Tubing 1

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