Lifegard Aquatics Uno, Duo, and Trio® Modular Pond Pump/Filter Kits

Lifegard Aquatics

SKU: R440021

Lifegard Pond Pump/Filter Kits include QuietOne® pump and fountain spray attachment, complete with leveling fitting to keep fountain spray straight and vertical even if pond bottom is uneven. The multi-chamber filters remove pollutants through mechanical filtration, using 2-stage mechanical sponge filters, and biological filtration, with contained biological media. Each include two Bell shape nozzles and two 3 Tier nozzles.
  • Available in single, double or triple modules for use in small, medium or large bodies of water
  • Includes QuietOne® pumps for a complete pond kits
  • UV unit not included
Model Modules Max Pond Size Included Pump Body Dimensions
R440021 Uno® Single 1000 Gallons QuietOne® 2200 15" x 17" x 7"H
R440022 Duo® Double 1500 Gallons QuietOne® 3000 15" x 17" x 9"H
R440023 Trio® Triple 2000 Gallons QuietOne® 4000 15" x 17" x 11"H

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