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Lifegard Aquatics Fluidized Bed Filters are extremely efficient, high capacity biological filters for freshwater or saltwater applications. These filters are excellent for eliminating toxic ammonia from the fish tank by encouraging the process of nitrification. The design of the filter, suspending media in continual free fall, provides high surface area for beneficial bacteria growth as well as excellent transfer between water and bacteria for high effectiveness. Natural agitation of the media in the water vortex provide self-cleaning function which also facilitates beneficial bacteria growth.
  • Suspended, agitated media promotes beneficial bacteria growth and high efficiency
  • Responds quickly and efficiently to rapid changes in ammonia levels
  • Control valve allows optimal water flow and prevents media from escaping
  • Inlet ports at bottom of chamber facilitate even fluidization
  • Modular design allows for installation of multiple units for larger applications
  • Waterfall increases oxygen level by spreading out a thin sheet of water
  • Clear chamber allows for easy viewing to ensure proper operation
  • Flat sides and spring-loaded clamp allows snug fit against aquarium or reservoir
  • Check valve keeps media in place and allows for easy start-up
Model Aquarium Size Filter
R270203 FB300 300 gallons 3 pounds
(214 sq. ft. surface area)
7.5" x 3" x 17" H

How does nitrification work?
In this process, toxic ammonia (found in fish waste or decomposing food) is converted into toxic nitrite by Nitrosomonas bacteria, which is then converted into nitrate by Nitrobacter bacteria. This beneficial bacteria attach to the media within the filter, creating a thin film around the media. As water is pumped through the unit, the bacteria draw in dissolved waste (ammonia and nitrite) and oxygen to convert the waste into nitrate.

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