Lifegard Aquatics Freshwater Ultra-Slim Blue/White LED Lights

Lifegard Aquatics

SKU: R800049

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Lifegard Aquatics Freshwater LED Ultra-Slim Blue/White LED Lights provide excellent all-purpose lighting for freshwater or marine aquariums. These cool running, energy-efficient fixtures deliver full spectrum and light intensity capable of supporting marine life. 
  • Three-mode ON/OFF switch (daytime, lunar and off settings)
  • Delivers 6500K color temperature light
  • Includes adjustable metal brackets, plastic stand and hanging clips
  • Waterproof Touch Control light switches
Description Dimensions Wattage LEDs Lumens Wt
R800049 18" Ultra-Slim 18-24"L x
3.38"W x 0.65"D
2.85W 54 White
3 Blue
378 26lb
R800050 24" Ultra-Slim 24-30"L x 
3.38"W x 0.65"D
3.75W 72 White
6 Blue
504 32lb
R800051 30" Ultra-Slim 30-36"L x 
3.38"W x 0.65"D
4.80W 90 White
6 Blue
630 35lb
R800052 36" Ultra-Slim 36-42"L x 
3.38"W x 0.65"D
5.70W 108 White
6 Blue
756 39lb
R800053 48" Ultra-Slim 48-54"L x 
3.38"W x 0.65"D
7.70W 145 White
8 Blue
1008 26lb
R800054 60" Ultra-Slim 60-66"L x
3.38"W x 0.65"D
9.50W 180 White
9 Blue
1260 30lb
R800055 72" Ultra-Slim 72-78"L x
3.38"W x 0.65"D
11.4W 216 White
12 Blue
1512 33lb

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