Replacement Parts for Lifegard Aquatics Full-View Aquariums

Lifegard Aquatics

SKU: R440465

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The following replacement parts are available for the Lifegard Aquatics Full-View Aquarium:

Item No.
(See Diagram)
Part No. Description of Replacement Part
1 - Lifegard Full-View Aquarium
2 R440465 Quiet One 400 Pump - 103gph
3A R800210 Flexible Tube Elbow Assembly for 5gal Aquarium
3B R800227 Flexible Tube Elbow Assembly for 7gal Aquarium
4A R800211 Mechanical Sponges 2pc Set for 5gal Aquarium
4B R800212 Mechanical Sponges 2pc Set for 7gal Aquarium
5 R800213 Biological Media
6 R800214 Carbon Bio-Mate Balls, 10pc Bag
7 R800215 Bottom Suction Plug
8 R441010 3/4" FIT Low Profile Strainer
9 R800216 Directional Return Jet Assembly
10 R800217 Overflow Slide Bar
11 R800218 O2 / CO2 Airline Kit
12 R800110 100W Preset Aquarium Heater
13A R800219 Glass Top for 5gal Aquarium
13B R800220 Glass Top for 7gal Aquarium
14 R800221 Glass Top Clip Holders, 4pc Set
15A R880222 Aquarium Pad for 5gal Aquarium
15B R800228 Aquarium Pad for 7gal Aquarium
16 R800209 Lifegard Submersible Nano Filter

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