Live Water Lily, Various Colors Hardy (Potted) - Local Pickup Only

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Water Lilies are not bog plants.   They should be planted below water so that the pads need to shoot up 18 to 36 inches to break the surface.   

These live potted water lilies are in a 6" tall or 8" short pot or larger.  They are hardy varieties of the well known Water Lily.   They should be planted in the pot with occasional fertilization, or even better planted directly in pond where they will use the nutrients in your gravel and provide a valuable step in your biological filtration, the removal of nitrates.   Their wide leaves also provide valuable shade and obscurity from predators. 

Locally grown by a private grower here in Downingtown PA, for the convenience of our local customers we offer a limited selection of locally grown bog and water plants.  

Pay first.  You may pickup after your order is confirmed as ready.  Orders that cannot be filled within 24 hours due to reasons beyond our control, will be cheerfully refunded. 

These orders must be picked up by the buyer and PA state tax must be paid on all plant orders.    

Colors are subject to availability.   We do not tend to carry tropical lilies but hardy commons species only.  

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