Loki Pond Utility Nets

Loki Nets

SKU: WG-BD-1-4

Loki Pond Utility Nets are designed to handle your toughest pond maintenance chores, from handling Koi to skimming leaves or algae. These nets feature unique Monorail™ aluminum bows that encase the netting inside the hoop for long-lasting durability. The small, soft mesh knotless is strong, yet gentle on Koi and other fish. The shallow, flat-bottom net allows for easy fish handling. The flat-front bows allow easy maneuvering in pond corners, aquariums or holding tanks.
  • Fixed or telescoping diamond-embossed aluminum handles
  • Available in 1/8" white Ace netting
  • Foam hand grip
Model Bow Size Handle Net
WG-BD-1-4 16" x 16" 4' Fixed White Ace, 1/8" Mesh x 4" Deep
WG-BD-1T 16" x 16" 54"-90" Telescoping
WG-BD-3T 12" x 13"

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