Matala Rocking Piston Compressors with Air Filter Sets



Matala Rocking Piston Compressors with Air Filters are stand-alone compressors that can be installed in a variety of aeration applications. It can be adapted to an existing system or used in creating a new system.

  • Balanced for smooth, low-vibration operation
  • Cylinder is hard-coated for wear resistance
  • Safety-protected oil-free cylinder
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Head design allows for easy replacement of piston seal
Model Description Wattage Amperage Max Pressure
MPC-60A 1/4HP Single Head Compressor  226W 2.27A 17.34psi
MPC-120A 1/2HP Double Head Compressor 433W 3.81A 17.34psi
MPC-200A 3/4HP Double Head Compressor 597W 5.40A 17.34psi

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