Matala Hakko Air Diffuser Tubes


SKU: MTD-300

Matala Hakko Air Tube Diffusers are designed to be a drop-in system. The EPDM rubber membrane is wrapped around a hollow plastic tube. The air holes are a little larger than other brands, so you get medium-sized bubbles which do not clog and put very little back-pressure on your system. This means very low maintenance and effective aeration system.

It is necessary to add small stones to the inner tube to keep the diffuser weighted at the bottom of your pond or lake (MTD-300W and MTD-600W come pre-weighted). A plug is included to prevent the stones from falling out. To clean the rubber membrane, simply wipe with a rag and clean water occasionally. Includes hose barb multi-adapter to fit various hose sizes.

SKU Air Flow
Body Fixation Connection Diameter Length Wt
MTD-300 40-100 ABS 304/316
2.6" 11.8" 0.82lb
MTD-600 40-160 23.6" 1.52lb
MTD-1000* 40-200 39.4" 2.53lb
MTD-300W 40-100 Weighted
PE 3/8"PT,
2.0" 11.8" 1.63lb

*Special order sizes can take up to several months to arrive.

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