Matala 1/2" Air Diffuser Tubing for Aquaculture Applications


SKU: MDT-1/2-24

Matala Air Diffuser Tubing is a simple, effective, reliable and economic way to aerate aquaculture farms. This tubing is not self-weighted, so it is not suitable for pond aeration. Weighs 0.097 lb/ft.
  • Pore size and distribution creates maximum volume of 3 mm bubbles, released into water
  • 1/2" Inner Diameter
  • Durable with low start-up, maintenance and replacement cost
  • Made from 35% to 445% recycled rubber (there is no certification available to validate the source of the recycled material).  

The manufacturer predicts that this tubing will disperse from .45 cubic feet of air per foot of tubing to 1.1 cubic feet of air per foot of tubing.  That would translate to 13 to 32 liters of air per minute per foot of tubing. So, it seems reasonable to say that 25 liters of air per foot would be a reasonable number but it will vary.   

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