Matala Hakko Medium Bubble Air Disc Diffusers



Matala Air Disc Diffusers feature medium-sized holes in the rubber membrane to produce medium bubbles. Originally designed for the wastewater treatment industry, and thus conform to very high standards. The larger air pore size which contributes less than 6" of water depth back-pressure. The 3/4" male thread makes it easy to attach to your feed line.

The disc is very low maintenance and in some cases NO maintenance. Simply wash the disc with clean water and bleach if it ever needs cleaning. Some of these diffusers have been in operation for over 3 years without trouble or maintenance.

SKU Disc Body /
Membrane Diameter Air Flow
BHB-MD-225 ABS / PP EPDM 9" 25-80
BHB-MD-310 ABS / PP EPDM 12" 25-160

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