Matala EZClear UV Pond Clarifiers



Matala EZClear UV-C Clarifiers are designed for Koi ponds and water gardens to help suppress blooms of suspended green algae, harmful bacteria, parasites, fungi, protozoan and viruses.

Even in a balanced pond ecosystem, sudden blooms of such organisms can occur due to abnormal changes of weather, fish feeding behavior, mineral nutrient levels, etc. These blooms may result in green water, lethal oxygen levels or weakened health conditions for fish and aquatic plants.

The Matala EZClear UV Clarifiers can be used as a standalone UV added to an existing filter system. The 16 Watt drops into the BioSteps filter easily. The 25, 40 and 75 Watt UVC do not fit the Biosteps filter. These are standalone units which can be installed on your pond system with the proper size pump. 

  • Uses Philips T5 UV germicidal lamps
  • Quartz Sleeve allows transmission of over 95% of the UV light
  • Stepped hosetails support 3/4", 1", 1¼ " and 1-1/2" tubing
  • Clear adapter connects to 1.5" rigid Sch 40 PVC (25w, 40w, 75w models only)
  • Clear end cap for lamp on verification
  • Translucent hose tails provide blue light monitoring
  • 15' cord including ballast
  • All Matala UV units come with electronic ballasts which can be used on 115v or 230v and are more environmentally friendly than magnetic ballasts.  However, electronic ballasts are more sensitive and should not be used with damaged bulbs.
  • ALL ballasts should be treated with reasonable care.  Do not bury them in the ground were they may be stepped on or sitting in standing water.  Hang your ballasts out of the way and out of the worst direct force of the elements whenever possible.  Use a "drip loop" in the cord to deflect water away from the ballast. 
 SKU Description Maximum
Pond Size
Hose Size
EUV-16W 16W EZClear
UV Clarifier
1600 gallons (fish)
3000 gallons (no fish)
1600gph 0.75", 1" 8" x 2" x 16"
EUV-25W 25W EZClear
UV Clarifier
2500 gallons (fish)
4000 gallons (no fish)
2000gph 1", 1.25" 8" x 2" x 26"
EUV-40W 40W EZClear
UV Clarifier
3500 gallons (fish)
6000 gallons (no fish)
3500gph 1.25", 1.5" 8" x 2" x 38"
EUV-75W 75W EZClear
UV Clarifier
5000 gallons (fish)
10,000 gallons (no fish)
5000gph 1.25", 1.5" 8" x 2" x 38"

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