Replacement Nozzles for Matala Floating Aeration Fountains



Matala Floating Fountain Nozzles offer a wide variety of spray patterns, ranging from the tall Multi-Jet and 3-Layer Flower nozzles to the wider Fireworks nozzle to the bubbling Gushing nozzle.

Nozzle Type Display Dimensions Rated
Flow Rate
Pressure Inlet Wt
A: Fireworks 23.0" Dia x 9.8" H 2650gph 60kPa 1.5" FPT 0.9lb
B: Multi-Jet 9.8" Dia x 11.5" H 2650gph 60kPa 1.5" FPT 1.1lb
C: 3-Layer Flower 19.7" Dia x 9.8" H 3150gph 40kPa 1.5" FPT 1.0lb
D: Gushing 2.0" Dia x 2.6" H 2350-3400gph 50-100kPa 1.5" MPT 0.8lb

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