Matala Niagara Self-Cooling Circumferential Water Pumps


SKU: NT-3600

Matala Niagara Self-Cooling Pumps are cutting-edge pumps designed to operate in very low water levels. These pumps pull water from the bottom of the pump and flow it over the entire motor before exiting. This circumferential flow keeps the pump cool and prevents overheating in water as low as 2". Perfect for skimmer boxes, with a potential for low water levels. The integrated steel housing and strainer have superior abrasion resistance and will not wear out like aluminum motor housing.
  • Stainless steel housing and intake screen
  • Circumferential flow design allows operation in as low as 2"
  • Non-clog vortex impeller can handle 3/8" solids
  • Heavy-duty ball bearings and double mechanical seals ensure greater durability
  • Top-mounted 2" discharge outlet
  • Includes 20' power cord
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
Description Max Flow Max Head HP Amps Outlet
NT-3600 Niagara 3600 3600gph 29.5' 1/3 5.2 2" 7.25" x 7.25"
x 13.5"
NT-3900 Niagara 3900 3950gph 36.0' 1/2 6.1 31lb
NT-4800 Niagara 4800 4830gph 49.1' 1 10.8 49lb

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