Matala Pondvac II Pond Vacuum



The Matala Pond Vacuum II, also known as the "Muck Buster," easily vacuums algae, sludge, dead plants, leaves and small pebbles up to 3/8" diameter. The Pond Vacuum II blows the competition out of the water with 4 times the suction power of competitor products as shown in suction tests, achieving an impressive 5' suction lift above water. Energy-efficient 1.5HP motor is made with high quality German-made components

The Pond Vacuum II maintains suction until 4.5 gallon tank is full (usually 20-40 seconds), and once the tank is full the motor turns off, draining for approximately 20 seconds. The dirty water can be drained to the garden or to a yard drain. Use the optional mesh bag to capture coarse debris before releasing the dirty water. The dirty pond water is great for your garden plants! Do not return dirty water back to the pond. When the tank is empty, the motor turns on automatically and resumes suction. In this way, you can use the vacuum to make monthly water changes. Safe for use in fish ponds and water gardens.

  • 2 Year Warranty
Max Pond Size Tank Capacity Extension Tubes Suction Hose Drainage Hose
3000 Gallons 4.5 Gallons (5) 15" Tubes 16' Long 8' Long


Useful Tips:

  • Open yellow ring on handle for extended suction time. Close with finger for increased suction power.
  • Place vacuum tank up high so that drain out hose with flapper valve is lower than bottom of tank.
  • Use smallest vacuum head possible for the job in order to prolong suction time.
  • Periodically check the flapper valve on end of drain hose for obstructions and good movement.


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