Microbe-Lift® AlgAway 60 Professional Grade Algaecide



Microbe-Lift® Algaway 60 is a chemical algae eliminator formulated for decorative ponds, fountains, irrigation ponds, water hazards and retention ponds. Eliminates algae growth in your pond!
  • Eliminates most planktonic and filamentous algae quickly and efficiently
  • No phytotoxicity, so water is safe for irrigation, turf and shrubs
  • EPA registered algaecide (Registration #1448-114-74466)
  • Highly concentrated, with 60% active ingredient
  • Keeps pond water clean and algae free
  • Eliminates plugging of irrigation lines and pumps
Not for sale, use or distribution in New York

SKU UPC Code Description
AAG60XQ 097121203762 AlgAway 60, Quart
AAG60XG4 097121200754 AlgAway 60, Gallon


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