Microbe-Lift® Dry Ammonia Remover with ClorAm-X



Microbe-Lift® Dry Ammonia Remover with ClorAm-X removes and detoxifies ammonia, chlorine and chloramines rapidly and completely. Ammonia Remover binds ammonia and converts it to nontoxic ammonium, which is removed by the filter.
  • May be used at start-up, water changes or evaporated water replacement
  • Suitable for use with fish and shellfish raised for human consumption
  • Non-toxic to humans, pets and aquatic life
  • Test with salicylic sp ammonia test kit
  • Works for fresh or salt water

Application Rates
Each ounce treats up to 235 gallons. For total ammonia-nitrogen, each ounce treats 188 gallons.

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