Microbe-Lift® Concentrated Barley Straw Extract PLUS Peat



Get the same powerful algae deterrent power of concentrated barley straw plus the benefits of organic peat extract! Microbe-Lift® Concentrated Barley Straw Extract PLUS Peat gives lined ponds some of the same beneficial properties of earthen ponds. Peat softens pond water, reducing nitrate and phosphate concentrations and providing a buffering agent and ion attenuation.
  • One capful is equal to multiple barley straw bales, without the mess!
  • Slowly releases humic acids and tannic acids for water clarity
  • Especially helpful where bottom drains are present
  • Safe for fish, plants, humans and pets
  • Can be used year-round
  • Rich in organic peat, which reduces nitrates and phosphates

SKU UPC Code Size Treatment Volume
BSEP08 097121202604 8oz Up to 10,000 gallons
BSEP16 097121202611 16oz Up to 20,000 gallons
BSEP32 097121202628 32oz Up to 40,000 gallons
BSEP64 097121202635 64oz Up to 80,000 gallons
BSEPG4 097121202871 Gallon Up to 160,000 gallons
BSEP5G 097121202642 5 Gallon Up to 800,000 gallons


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