Microbe-Lift® Barley Straw Pellets PLUS Peat


SKU: 10BSPP2.2

Microbe-Lift® Barley Pellets PLUS Peat is a natural water clarifier that also acts as a nitrate reducer, phosphate remover and pH buffer! Enriched with peat and humic acid, this revolutionary 100% natural, organic formula works faster and better with less mess and cost than bales, pillows or pads. 
  • Matures pond water chemistry and buffers pH
  • Releases decomposition by-products immediately
  • Provides a slow, steady release of beneficial ingredients
  • Works all year round, whether dropped directly into the pond or into a skimmer or filter
  • Best when paired with Microbe-Lift® Sludge Away, which will digest the organic residue of the barley pellets
Natural Solution
This environmentally-responsible, cost-effective pond conditioner is a natural and organic way to a healthy pond environment! Barley straw and selected natural peat have been processed and packaged to make them easy and clean to apply. Manufactured using an exclusive proprietary pelleting process that eliminates the use of wheat, corn and other binders, the barley straw is harvested and stored under climatic conditions that assure the quality of these essential ingredients.

Better than Barley
Microbe-Lift® Barley Straw Pellets PLUS Peat work better and faster than typical barley pellets. The humic acid in the pellets produces hydrogen peroxide, an oxidizing agent that helps keep water clear, while also neutralizing dangerous metals like copper or arsenic. The organic peat in the pellets reduces nitrate and phosphate concentrations, while providing a buffering agent and ion attenuation -- giving lined ponds some of the same beneficial properties of earthen ponds!

Application Rates
SKU Size Treatment Capacity
10BSPP2.2 2.2lb 150 gallons for 19 months; 400 gallons for 8 months
10BSPP4.4 4.4lb 500 gallons for 12 months; 800 gallons for 8 months
10BSPP10.5 10.5lb 1,000 gallons for 14 months; 2,500 gallons for 6 months

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