Microbe-Lift® Algaway 5.4 & PL Co-Pack



Use Microbe-Lift® Algaway 5.4 algaecide and Microbe-Lift® PL liquid water clarifier together for a powerful, algae-fighting combination!

Algaway 5.4
Microbe-Lift® Algaway 5.4 stops algae growth in your pond. No more green water! Algaway 5.4 can be applied to areas that contain fish and plants, as it will not harm either fish or live ornamental plants. When used according to the instructions, you will see a huge difference in 48 hours. Ensure that water is continuously aerated via waterfall, fountain or other method to prevent fish loss. Not safe for use with snails, shrimp or other crustaceans or mollusks.
  • Active ingredients: Poly(oxyethylene) (dimethylimino), Ethylene (dimethylimino), Ethylene Dichloride: 5.40%
  • Other ingredients: 94.60%
Use 1 teaspoon for every 60 gallons.

To keep your pond clean, healthy and algae-free over the long haul, use Microbe-Lift® PL. Microbe-Lift® PL is a specially formulated beneficial bacteria blend for decorative fish ponds, lagoons & smaller water features. Not only will it keep algae at bay, but you will also reap the other benefits of a biologically healthy pond: sparkling water, healthy fish, and cleaner filters.
  • Creates a cleaner environment for your pond, promoting faster fish growth
  • Reduces cloudy water by promoting flocculation and settling particles
  • Seeds and maintains biological filters
  • Significantly reduces odors, ammonia, waste, sludge and dead algae
  • Reduces biological oxygen demand and improves dissolved oxygen levels

PDF IconAlgaway Safety Data Sheet

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