Microbe-Lift® PL Gel Filter Pad Bacterial Inoculant



Microbe-Lift® PL Gel is a technological breakthrough -- the first product that puts bacteria right where you want it and keeps it there! PL Gel will attach to and populate any filter media including foam, strapping, floss, Bio-balls, spring flo, ceramic media, etc. This will help to establish the necessary biological activity in your filter to stabilize your pond's environment quickly. 

  • Contains the same spectrum of bacteria found in Microbe-Lift® PL
  • Naturally-occurring biopolymers help organisms quickly attach to the media allowing for an 80% reduction in filter start-up time
  • Helps eliminate transient instability that can occur when filter media is cleaned or replaced, perfect for ponds with high solids loading where frequent cleaning is beneficial
  • Reduces the frequency of cleaning by accelerating the breakdown of organic solids that can lead to high maintenance requirements
  • Helps to establish denitrification in the filter which can lower nitrate levels in the pond
Storage and Usage
This convenient, easy-to-use, flip-top squeeze bottle makes application easy! For maximum shelf life, store in a cool place.

SKU Size Treatment Volume
GEL8 8oz 200 gallons for 4 treatments
GEL16 16oz 1000 gallons for 5 treatments
GEL32 32oz 5000 gallons for 5 treatments

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