Microbe-Lift® Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media



Microbe-Lift® Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media is a concentrated, kiln-fired blend of 100% natural minerals -- no fertilizer, compost, peat or pesticides!
  • Pre-colonized with beneficial bacteria
  • Retains oxygen and promotes beneficial bacteria colonization
  • Ideal when potting aquatic plants
  • Allows mixing any ratio of loam to planting media
  • Will not break down, float or cloud pond water
  • Nontoxic to plants, and safe for fish and aquatic life
PGP Note: This product has finer grains than typical aquarium gravel. If you are using pots or hollows inside a pond with large fish, we would recommend topping it off with some 1" to 1-1/2" stones to hold the finer media in.

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