Microbe-Lift® Professional Blend Liquid Beneficial Bacteria



Microbe-Lift® Professional Blend Liquid is a concentrated blend of microbes that contain specially formulated strains of beneficial bacteria manufactured for use by landscape, irrigation and pond professionals. Professional use only. The microbes help do the following:

For Ponds:
  • Keeps ponds clean and clear
  • Seeds and maintains biological filters
  • Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels, noxious odors and sludge build-up
  • Remains effective over a wide range of pH conditions
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels
For Fish:
  • Biologically supports healthy immune systems and rapid fish growth
  • Reduces stress, especially important when fish load exceeds normal guidelines
  • Oxidizes both ammonia and nitrite and reduces nitrate
  • Aids in respiration, gas exchange and bio-degradation
For Plants:
  • Ensures a healthy start and reduces transplant shock
  • Stimulates root growth and bloom retention
  • Increases the luster of leaves and plants
  • Improves tolerance to temperature fluctuations
  • Enhances the ability of plants to utilize light, water and nutrients
SKU Size Treatment
10PBLXQ 32oz 50,000 gallons
10PBLXG4 128oz (1 gallon) 300,000 gallons
10PBLX5G 640oz (5 gallons) 1,500,000 gallons

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