Microbe-Lift® Sludge-Away Muck Remover



Microbe-Lift® Sludge-Away speeds up the removal of sludge and muck naturally, especially helpful for ponds that have a rock or gravel bottom and where vacuuming is impractical. Years in development, Sludge-Away is specifically formulated for the removal of organic bottom sludge and muck that is slow to degrade, by speeding up the removal process. If not addressed, this organic waste can release toxic gasses into the pond environment, endangering fish and plants. By removing this muck, Sludge-Away not only removes toxins but also clarifies your pond water!
  • Works faster at higher temperatures, but can be used at any temperature year round
  • Removes sludge and muck 80% faster than competitive products
  • Organic, microbial-based, and safe for fish, plants, pets and the environment
  • May temporarily discolor pond water, but will return to natural color
  • Binds phosphates and helps improve water clarity

Usage Note: Oxygen Demand
The acceleration of the biological digestion of sludge will result in increased oxygen demand. The Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) in your pond will increase, along with your aquatic life's need for oxygen. Make sure your pond is adequately oxygenated (At least 4.0 mg/L dissolved oxygen).

If you Have a Bog or Natural Filter
If you have a bog or other natural filter, unplug your UV and pour Sludge-Away into your skimmer at the pump so that it is distributed through your bog. After 24 hours, plug your UV back in. I have seen clogged bogs (which had been almost completely shut down) open back up after a few days to two weeks treatment.

Each ounce treats 100 gallons for 1 week.

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