Microbe-Lift® Stress Relief for Pond Fish



Microbe-Lift® Stress Relief for Pond Fish is a dechlorinator and stress reliever with Aloe Vera. While it is not a medication or a substitute for any needed medication, Stress Relief does is an effective supplement for fish health. Aloe Vera has been shown to regenerate raw tissue, blood spots and to help replace damaged slime coats. Use Stress Relief to reduce stress after transportation or environmental changes, or to accelerate the healing process in diseased fish. In addition to relieving stress, Stress Relief helps detoxify zinc, copper and iron present in water.
  • Helps reduce stress, heal wounds and bruises, and heal missing scales
  • Restores slime coat and minimizes infection
  • Provides vitamins and immune supplements without affecting pH balance
  • Detoxifies free ions of heavy metals such as iron, zinc and copper
Each ounce treats up to 60 gallons.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid skin or eye contact. If contact occurs, flush area with cold water. Intended for use with ornamental fish, and is not suitable for fish raised for consumption.

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