DekoRRa® Mock Rock™ Model 108 Faux Stone, 31"L x 27"W x 6"H


SKU: 108-RB

Mock Rock™ faux stone covers from DekoRRa® turn an eyesore into a landscape feature! These decorative enclosures are made of textured RealRock™, which has a gritty, varigated rock-life surface that is astonishingly realistic and blends in with other natural textures. All covers are made in the USA from recycled materials. Model 108 measures 31"L x 27"W x 6"H, and is commonly used to cover septic lids or pond skimmers. Main photo shows only approximate color - each rock varies slightly in color pattern.
  • Built to last in virtually any climate, yet lightweight enough to move easily
  • Will not fade in sun or crack in cold weather
  • Flange design and included stakes secure enclosures to the ground
  • Reinforced bottom edge provides strength to withstand 100lb per square foot!

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