GC Tek MultiCyclone 50 Solids Separator Pre-Filter

Grand Champion Technologies


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The MultiCyclone 50 from GC Tek is a brilliant new prefiltration device that can save you water, minimize pond maintenance, and help your water quality! The MultiCyclone is a centrifugal solids separation pre-filter that literally spins particles (20-100µm) out of suspension and so it works better the faster the flow rate is (unlike most pre-filters, where flow is better at slower flow rates). Particles then settle inside the sediment bowl, where they remain until drained.

  • Increases pressure filter performance while reducing backwash frequency
  • Catches up to 80% of solids before they go into the filter
  • Removes particles between 20-100µm (microns)
  • No moving parts to wear and no filter media to clean or replace
  • Only takes 3-4 gallons of water to purge
  • Extends the life of filter media
Item # Model Flow Rate Range Dimensions
MC50 MultiCyclone 50 780-7920gph 24" x 11.5"

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