Natural Kote Nontoxic Soy-Based Wood Stain

Natural Kote


Natural-Kote™ Soy-Based Wood Stain is a wonderful tool in the green revolution.

This professional-grade wood stain can be used for interior and exterior applications. Since it is non-toxic and virtually odorless, it is perfectly safe for the individual applying the stain initially as well as for children, pets, and even fish that live and play in the environment where this soy (vegetable) bio-based stain is used. In fact, it is green building compliant and can be used to stain wood products, concrete and other materials where air quality is an issue. It is virtually odorless and requires no stripping before recoating in successive years.

But don't think for a minute that you sacrifice effectiveness! This all-natural soybean oil-based stain preserve woods and create a beautiful, rich natural look. Unlike conventional wood stain products, soy ester actually penetrates the wood into the growth rings and continues to spread and seal throughout the wood all year to replicate the woods' natural sap. This results in enhanced UV protection and beautiful natural colorization. 

This stain spreads further than many competitive products, and is the stain used in the Amish wood products sold by Practical Garden Ponds. Works great for cabinetry, log homes, sheds, barns, doors, furniture, wood decks, paneling, wood railings, wood floors, and wooden toys.

Note: Also available in 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes, perfect for large-scale projects and contracting needs. Contact us for pricing

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