NaturalPond™ Liquid Dechlorinator & Water Conditioner, 16 or 32 Ounce


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NaturalPond Liquid Dechlorinator is designed to produce dependable chlorine and chloramine neutralization, while also binding harmful and insoluble elements common in tap water. Contains natural soothing botanical extracts to help fish adjust through times of increased stress while creating a safe environment for fish and other pond life including turtles, tadpoles, and aquatic plants. NaturalPond De-Chlorinator makes your municipal tap water safe and protects your fish from the dangers of chlorine exposure in new and established ponds.

  • Immediate fast-acting results
  • Great for water changes and adding water
  • Fortified with soothing botanical extracts
  • Made in the USA

For optimal results: Ensure a pH of 7.2 to 8.9 and proper circulation in the pond via pump and fountain or waterfall. Follow up with routine treatments of NaturalPond Beneficial Bacteria.

Directions: Apply 1 ounce per 1000 gallons around the edges of the pond and in front of your skimmer to allow proper dispersion throughout the system.

Note: When used to neutralize chloramines, ensure that the pond has established biological filtration. If high quantities of chlorine (or any chloramines) are present, treatment quantity can be safely increased to double the regular dosage to ensure that all chlorine is neutralized and that all chloramine bonds are destroyed.

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